Green Venture has diverse resources and projects related to gardening: 

Natural Lawn and Garden Resources

Both the City of Hamilton’s Pesticide Bylaw and the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) Cosmetic Pesticide Ban help to define how pesticides can be used in our lawn and garden care. Our Natural Lawn and Garden care resources include fact sheets and information to help you comply with these rules while keeping your family, community, and the environment around you safer and healthier as you take care of your outdoor spaces.

Hamilton Community Garden Network

The HCGN is coordinated by Green Venture and Neighbour to Neighbour Centre to support the maintenance, growth, and development of community garden sites in Hamilton.

EcoHouse Community Garden

 The Ecohouse Community Garden gives gardeners hands-on experience planning, maintaining, and harvesting an organic vegetable and herb garden. Starting in 2013, 50 square foot plots are available for rental.

Options For Agricultural Storage

Most farmers in Alberta at some point have a need for greater storage space. Storage needs develop gradually, and increase with the size of production. Extra storage areas may be needed for farm supplies, farm animals, or the large equipment that is used by the average farmer. Clearly, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work for today’s agricultural industry.

Fortunately, there are lots of options for the farm storage buildings Alberta has to offer. Consider the following factors when you are looking at updating your storage units.

Type Of Building

Post frame buildings and steel buildings are common for farm storage units. Both have the advantage of being extremely durable, even in inclement weather. Both offer a range of pleasing styles and colors. They can be sized for almost any application, including warehouses, livestock buildings, horse barns, or riding arenas. Steel buildings can be constructed in modular prefabricated units that allow for future expansion.

Type Of Entrance Door

You should give some thought to the type of door you would like on your structure. How you will be using your storage building will give you a better idea of the type of door you need. For instance, if you are interested in storage for large farm equipment, wide bifold doors can give you easy access when you need it. Sliding doors, rolling doors and overhead doors are other options. If your building will be located in an area without electrical power, a sliding door may be the simplest option.

Internal Features

Particularly if you will be using your storage unit to house animals, you will need to consider the construction of the interior of the unit. For example, if you will be using your building to house horses, you may want to consider including stall dividers, a tack room and an area for feed storage. Insulation is another important feature to consider.

Customized Options

You may have only a general idea of the type of structure that will work best for your needs. The framing of your building can be fully customized, depending on the size you need. can give you a range of designs that may be suitable for your intended use. As with any other type of construction, you should look at the diverse range of farm storage buildings alberta offers before deciding on one. You can choose between very simple storage options or very expensive, depending on your budget.

Oliver's Garden Project

Get informed about local food initiatives in Hamilton.